What Is Kahaani ?


Having a deep realm of thought and approach to locate down the villages that have their own story to be told to the world was the very first step in this journey. Talking to the villagers, having a true glimpse of their originality and a deep concern for this already existing and dwelling problem was the direction that lead us to the final voice and that’s when ‘Kahaani’ came in. The last and final step was making an ‘impact’ in the most prolific manner, which planted the seed of representing the cultural stories in the from of art done on the walls of village to let it live and speak for itself.



Painting the walls with art and culture. Thousands of communities existed and faded away, what they left behind was their stories, their marks to make them immortal. “Stories are a communal currency of humanity” and you as a member of that community are the reason your community will live thousand years. You can yourself come up and get in touch with us if you have a story to be told and heard. Under Kahaani we are adamant to elevate the hidden cultures existing in the beautiful corners of the world. Taking the tales which will be gracefully expressed and painting them on the walls of the village to let live the culture and experiences of the community dwelling there is the aim of Kahaani movement. Kahaani involves painting walls of the village. Involving the people of village to narrate their stories and help ink them for the coming generation






Impacting Lives


We as a community should be proud of our diversity and must support initiatives like Kahaani.



Hope Town Girls School

Our students had the best fine art project. 

Hope Town Girls School