Time to Look Forward!

The time we all been looking forward for is here. We are readily excited for the kahaani event to take a march! The excitement unfolds when we think about the impact it can bring if we stay true to the events and help it to bring the changes. Splashing the walls of the Tauli-bhud village with the colors of cultural stories is itself a challenge that we are going to perform from feb 20- feb 26, 2019 in the village. Having a space for the people where they can together and pledge for the greener, brighter future is itself a start for the most awaited revolution, the green revolution. Undoing what’s been done is the first step towards doing something which adds up for the future, that adds up to the development.

Come and hold the brushes that will shape up the future for a greener environment which will be derived for the revolution which you were a part of. This change needs to have a voice of it’s own so that people recognize it and give the importance it requires so that humans can survive on the only home called planet earth.

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