Eco Tourism


Rural Eco-Tourism

We being the developing country have many benefits in our pocket of fortune, we have a far stretched sky to shoot at with our fast pace development. While there are infinite opportunities for Urban sector, rural sector usually requires more of an spoonful hand as one of the drawbacks of under-development. Today agriculture being much of an mechanized platform is creating a black hole of opportunities for the farmers who have been working manually from many years. This trend is causing pressure on many villages, in result to which the youth is shifting towards the urban sector eventually further degrading the rural sector of our country. There are still groups of people who are interested in understanding and experiencing the rural lifestyle. Evolve foundation is integrating the positively enthusiastic youth and organizing events to promote rural eco-tourism. Rural co-tourism blends many perspectives together to give shape to a much structured form for the future as it provides direct financial benefit and empowerment for local people from the revenue generated by tourism, understanding the importance of living and let live a sustainable and ecofriendly life.